Most organizations have a mission statement, but they can't clearly articulate their vision. Yet, a clear organizational vision is essential for successful transformation. We use a process that is quick, compelling and engaging.

We take a 360° view of your workspace life to help you truly transform your culture. Our services are proven to be highly effective and to get your team working at their best.

Anyone can design a space that looks great, but how do you know it works? WTF’s process has been proven to positively affect peoples’ satisfaction and performance, and shift organizational culture. The breadth and depth of services delivered to our clients are more than a pretty picture - they are the stuff of transformation.

We believe that professionally-planned interior environments have the power to positively influence human behavior. We strive to connect documented research in the fields of psychology, neurology, organizational behavior, and human behavior to the spaces we design.


This is called Evidence-Based Design (EBD.) We accomplish our goal by beginning every project with research – starting with InformeDesign, our favorite clearinghouse of research summaries, and by collaborating with Martin & Guerin Design Research, the premiere experts in this field.

Organizational Visioning


Strengths Finder Coaching


Switch: How To Make Change When Change Is Hard


New Workplace Exposure Session


Interpersonal Communication Workshops


Strategic Planning


Custom Workshops


WTF offers a variety of refreshingly different and engaging public and private workshops for innovative companies who are actively managing change and are wisely engaging their people in the process.  We can customize the experience to your company’s needs.





Click here to download a catalog with full workshop descriptions.




It has been said that we form impressions of people in less than 5 seconds. Did you know that the same can be said about office space? Yet true space transformation is not about cool lights and funky furniture.


Workplace transformation is the physical result of clarifying organizational vision and engaging your people so that they OWN the final result.


Photography by James R. Salomon


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